by Daylight

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released July 23, 2010

recorded at lonely rd studios
mixed by Nick Stienborn of Redhand recordings
Mastered by Azimuth



all rights reserved



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Track Name: Selfish
The end is far away
Not getting too much sleep these days
These things I can't explain
Just wishing for an early grave
but they don't understand me

I want to be

The only reason I'm still alive
I can't stand to see my mother cry
I'll suffer through
The only reason I won't die
I can't stand the tears in her eyes
I'll be home soon

The saddest thing is
it's the only thing that I want
I wonder sometimes why
I don't just give up and take my life
They have no idea
That i'm so close to my dying day
I hate this feeling
There's no healing
No coming back from this hell

I wish that I could make you see
I wish that I could face today

I want to be free from this
Track Name: Youth No More
5 years old. 10x10. My sentence began.
Now 22, and it hasn't ended yet.
I swear to god that one day I'll make you see....
You don't know what this did to me.
I cried myself to sleep.
Too many nights I can't keep secret anymore.
Youth no more.
I've lived with this ever since I was a kid.
My secret's kept and I just don't want to live.
Track Name: Two of a Kind
I'll take comfort in knowing
I got the best years of your life
You got the worse of mine but I
See no point in showing
The way that you are and why

My intentions have become
The subject of violence

Oh, I can't believe myself
and I stuck around just long enough to care
Oh, I fucking hate myself
And I hate you too
And I hope you're well-aware

I hope to hell that you're still hurt
It's things like this I can't ignore
I want the life I had before
My days are wasted
On an endless fucking war